KIKKA ~東神田の⽂化創造型ホステル~


produce by lohasbeans coffee

Buy beans directly from Colombia
Developed original special coffee KIKKA.

The coffee menu of KIKKA collaborates with lohas beans who is doing fair trade from Colombian contract farm. We are directly importing and managing raw beans from producers, which is rare as a Japanese company, and we are doing our own roasting, and we offer carefully selected Colombian specialty coffee beans. In this time, we got full cooperation from Mr. LOHAS BEENS stuck to the quality of the material and developed KIKKA's original specialty coffee that we can not taste elsewhere. We are hoping that something new will be born in the cafe space pursuing coziness.

produce by SHIORI

I do not get tired of eating it everyday.
Rediscover the charm of familiar "Omusubi".

KKIKKA's food menu collaborates with Mr. SHIORI, a cook who runs the Falafel stand of 100% vegan in Nakameguro. For Japanese, if you are a familiar "Omusubi" we invented as a signboard menu. Customers who came from overseas and Japanese customers, pursuing while trying and erroring the taste accepted by both. I did not get tired of eating it everyday, I aimed for a gentle taste. Also, please enjoy "Nippon En Musubi" reflecting local specialties and local specialties of 47 prefectures so that you can rediscover the charm of Japan. We offer a menu that you can carefully make one by one and feel old old good downtown somewhere. Please come and have freshly picked rice balls.

produce by suppose design office

The contrast between organic wooden materials and inorganic concrete.

The design of 1F and B1 in KIKKA collaborates with SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE who produces architecture to products in a wide range of genres.We made the most of the structure and the characteristic that existing buildings have and pursued the functionality and the design.We aimed for the space with open entrance, U-shaped counter at café on 1F etc. where conversation by visitors will be born naturally.The place is simple but also it has warmth. It makes you feel the coziness that you want to stay more.Also, when you go down the stairs to the basement, the space where the terrace with a high ceiling is and the different one where the bar is spread. By producing the bar which is stylish but also makes you forget daily life, we made it in the hope that new meetings will be born,Designing the existing wall where you can project something with a projector, it is possible for you to use it for creative events.