Enjoy the unexpected future

In recent years Asakusa was gathered by various visitors regardless of domestic and overseas Beyond race, gender, age, culture, values The aspect as diversity is getting bigger.
Seven seas and seven continents come and go as though they were walking in their own garden. We made such "garden of the world" in Asakusa.
Various races, both domestic and foreign, through eating and drinking and conversation Mixed in an unlimited borderless form Talk about your country, · memories · like to talk about the future We are preparing places to make staying time more exciting.
Overflowing with "unexpected good encounters" that are not scheduled harmony There is a comfortable space where everyone is connected to Frank。

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In the middle of Asakusa The best location of the station 2 minutes on foot

One of the most hostel hostels in Asakusa. Nakamise Street and Asakusa Temple are also close to the eyes and nose. You can enjoy Asakusa as if you were going for a walk in the neighborhood。

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From dormitories to private rooms
Cozy rooms

We are preparing a private room with balcony that you can spend relaxing with friends and family with reasonable comfortable dormitory with comfortable type.

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2 Way diners whose facial expressions change in the morning day and night

As well as having a relaxing time as a cafe, both morning and lunch are offered, both of which specialize in cuisine. In the evening it changes to a dining bar where various races gather. We devote ourselves to inspiring exciting time through various contents.

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Special content that everyone is connected to Frank

In the 1F lounge we prepare a special content that will enhance communication with people who meet for the first time and with mutually friendly colleagues through meals and drinks and we are waiting for you.